Friday, March 6, 2009

Why not try marketing your business online?

Times are tough, everyone is watching their marketing budget. But, now's not the time to sit idle until the economy improves. Here are some creative ideas to market your business online and get things moving in the right direction. Create a Facebook and/or MySpace page for your business.'s not just for teenagers, these social networking sites are all about making connections. Use MySpace's search feature and look for area users to join your network. The most important thing is to update your page a few times a week or even daily. Every time you do so everyone in your network will be notified. Keep your updates interesting or funny, create buzz about your business. Other sites to look into are Twitter, could even post your business to Craigslist. If you have a video camera you could even post videos on YouTube. The best part about all these online marketing options is they're FREE! Give it a try, marketing is a daily activity, develop a marketing calendar and keep your business in front of your customers.